#IJSRD Face Part Detection using MATLAB

Hi all…!

# IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  finds some useful information regarding Image processing. If you are working on projects of Human Faces, this will be a useful one.  (Download links are given below)

# IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  has found some code to detect different parts of Human Face. Although your might be using the best, this is good to give a try.

Face Parts Detection - Input Image

Face Parts Detection using MATLAB

Here MATLAB code is given. So you can download files and use them given by # IJSRD.com (Indian Journal) 

If you find useful then please share with  # IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  and your friends. To know more about such topics please visit www.ijsrd.com


  1. Download all files
  2. Save each files as (.m)extension instead of (.docx)
  3. Run demo.m
  4. Enjoy.

Requirements to use this code: MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox , MATLAB Computer Vision System Toolbox

Download Code files Here: (mergeFourPoints drawFourPointsdetectRotFaceParts detectFaceParts demo checkToolboxesbuildDetector)


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